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Fast travel is always useful.
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Amazon’s New World MMO allows you to explore a new landmass covered in corruption, forcing you to rely on gathering resources throughout the land and crafting many items yourself. Because you need to collect these items up yourself, you may need to travel around the game to visit particular locations where certain animals or plants are available. It can take quite a bit of time to move around, but luckily, there is the option for you to fast travel between the larger cities.
Open up your map and choose any of the city icons. They should have a small city hall icon you can click on. You don’t want to mistake it for the fort, which you cannot use for fast travel. It only works at the settlements. Each region has a settlement you can visit. To travel to these locations, it costs Azoth. You can receive Azoth by completing Corrupted Breaches in the game or by taking down difficult enemies.
If you’re in the same region as the settlement, it usually costs 50 Azoth. When you’re outside the region of a settlement or fort, the cost goes up, by 25, along with an additional encumbrance cost. Suppose your faction or company governs the area. In that case, you receive a discount for any fast traveling costs to the settlement there.
Fast travel appears to be the quickest way to travel around New World. To move around the map faster, you might want to take on some of the tougher challenges in the game.

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