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Industry experts say it could be months before skyrocketing airline tickets could return to normal.
Online booking websites reported the average cost for a plane ticket last month was $464 as demand for flights combined with rising prices of jet fuel driving the price increase.
If you’re planning a spring break trip or making summer travel plans, it's better to book early, experts say.
Domestic airfare is up 40% from the start of the year and expected to increase another 10% next month, so begin tracking the prices of your trip now and don’t wait to purchase once you see a number you’re comfortable with.
Willis Orlando, a senior flight expert for Scott’s Cheap Flights, explained how the COVID-19 pandemic plays a role.
"This has been happening for a while … it feels more dramatic now because folks are starting to plan for summer and seeing higher prices," Orlando said.
"Since late last year, airlines have been cranking up those average prices bit by bit. All pandemic long, they didn't have to worry about it. They said demand is low … we have to slash prices and bring people back. Now Americans want to travel as much or more than they did pre-pandemic, and airlines are responding by raising prices."
Orlando shared how travelers can save money ahead of spring break and summer vacation.
"Use strategies to plan ahead and be as strategic as you possibly can be," Orlando said. "So if you're looking to fly domestically, we say try to lock that price in no closer than one month out, preferably closer to three months out internationally, or start that search eight months out. If you see a good price, then lock it in very, very quickly."
Flight experts don’t expect to see the prices level out until mid to late fall, around September or October.
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