Amber Heard’s future ‘dead and gone’: ‘Hollywood’s had enough!’ – The News International

Hollywood executives warn Amber Heard has become just a ‘sordid part’ of Hollywood history after being blacklisted from projects.
Inside sources from the inner circle of Hollywood’s elite issued these revelations against the Aquaman star with The Pop Topic.
The insider began by saying, “There’s been [a] lot of talk about Amber Heard. The hills have been singing her song since before the divorce drama started, it’s just a different tune now. ”

“Anybody who is anybody in Hollywood has heard of Amber’s wild orgies, and sadly that means Depp knew too. He knew, and it was slowly killing him. He didn’t want to confront Heard, he just ran away, went on benders to try and kill his emotions and thoughts with drugs and alcohol.”
“Most big studios began distancing themselves from Amber Heard after the messy divorce simply because they didn’t want to upset Johnny Depp by hiring her. Things, though, changed when she made those allegations against him, the tables surely did turn.”
“But now, after the trial, and after all the new leaks are coming out about Heard’s past, and even her present, Hollywood [has] had enough. A lot of us were actually pretty shocked when we found out that Amber Heard had been cast as Mera in the Aquaman movies — not because of the Johnny Depp situation but because she’s not a great actress.”
“I would hesitate to even call her b-list. Also, being one of the leads in the film and only banking approximately USD$2 million for the part, that just doesn’t seem right.”
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