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Various TV shows explore what life is like for Hollywood players and according to IMDb, some are way more enjoyable than the rest.tv s
Hollywood is where some of the best movies and TV shows are born. It’s also where actors not only make their dreams a reality but also get to live their best years. However, things aren’t always smooth-flowing in the industry and some TV shows have done a great job of showing the challenges over the years.
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There have been many shows showing the lives of actors, writers, and producers as they work hard to make masterpieces and boost their careers. But among the wide pool of offerings, there are only a few incredible ones and there’s no better way to sieve them out than through IMDb ratings.
Having been sidelined for over a decade, a veteran actress sees the opportunity for a comeback when a new TV show begins production. After landing a role, she decides to create a reality show chronicling her return to superstardom.
The Comeback makes good use of the found footage format and it’s so brilliantly done that viewers get to question whether it’s all fiction at times. And while it does serve humor in great quantities, what the show does best is examining the issues of ageism and sexism in the film and TV industries. The star cameos also trigger plenty of joy, with celebrities such as Jay Leno, Chelsea Handler, Conan O’Brien, and RuPaul popping up.
A group of aspiring screenwriters and actors make their way to Hollywood, hoping to become stars but are forced to work as caterers to make ends meet. Nonetheless, they keep their dreams alive.
The offbeat humor is mostly what makes the sitcom stand out. Every moment is a funny one but the show never forgets to remind fans that this is a tale of struggle. Each of the characters is used to explore a different part of the elusive Hollywood dream. And with a plot that remains solid all through, Party Down truly is undoubtedly one of the most underrated TV shows of the 2000s.
The career of a Hollywood producer faces extinction when his big-budget action movie becomes a box office bomb. Quickly, he decides to make a low-budget movie and with no one willing to work with him, he turns to a former friend who now works as an escort.
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Action fully goes into the lewd route, making it uncomfortable viewing for those who don’t like such content but pure awesomeness for those who don’t mind. Laughs aside, events perfectly highlight how brutal the Hollywood industry is by satirically examining the backdoor deals and the ruthless individuals that make it all happen.
The head writer of a popular sketch comedy show is forced to deal with stubborn colleagues and her arrogant boss every day. Despite the challenges, she does her best to make things work.
Most shows of a similar kind often come off as over the top but 30 Rock feels very realistic. Part of that has to do with the fact that it’s based on Tina Fey’s experiences as a writer for Saturday Night Live. Above all, the strong ensemble cast is the heartbeat of the show. Even weak jokes sound hilarious when delivered by Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin, and Tin Fey.
An enforcer for an organized crime outfit changes careers so that he can make his daughter proud of him. He becomes a movie producer and moves to Los Angeles but even when he does so, his past life follows him.
Get Shorty could be considered one of the best book-to-TV adaptations because it expands on the story in the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name instead of simply replicating it. Additionally, the Epix show differentiates itself from other gangster offerings by using deadpan humor to dilute the violence. Suspense is also achieved by making the Hollywood dream elusive rather than easily attainable.
The team behind a sketch comedy show finds it very hard to come up with cool jokes. They thus rely on the services of two talented writers to save the ratings.
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The brilliance of a show is sometimes determined by who is behind it. For Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. it’s Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing. As such, it isn’t a shocker that the dialogue and characters are so well-written. Sadly, there is only a single season of the comedy-drama.
A Cleveland hitman heads to Los Angeles to kill someone but finds himself falling in love with acting. He thus contemplates ditching crime and diving into Hollywood.
Barry‘s 30 Emmy nominations so far are a testament to its resplendence. There is hardly a flaw in the dark-comedy crime show and the incredible performance by the lead is the best part about it. As is the case with every other similar series, switching from crime to legitimate endeavors proves difficult but Barry keeps things funny rather than overly dramatic.
A group of friends gets to live an adventurous life in Los Angeles when the acting career of one of them takes off. However, they find themselves having to deal with a stubborn agent.
Entourage is characterized by the excesses of Hollywood, making fans admire the lifestyle of A-list actors and those around them. The series also does its best to examine studio dealings without being controversial. There are plenty of great cameos by A-list stars too. The storylines are close to real-life too since the show is based on Mark Whalberg’s own life.
Close to two decades since his popular sitcom was canceled, a humanoid horse decides its time for a comeback. Despite his zeal, life becomes harder for him since Hollywood has changed a lot since his glory days.
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The decision to use a humanoid horse rather than an actual human as the main character is indeed a creative one. Apart from getting the basic elements of animation right, the Netflix show also addresses many sociopolitical issues. Firearm regulation, sexual misconduct, and abortion are some of the key issues that have been explored so far.
A famous writer cum producer finds himself in various dilemmas daily as he interacts with friends, family, and celebrity colleagues. The sitcom was born out of the special, Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm.
The long-running HBO sitcom is undoubtedly one of the best shows where actors play fictionalized versions of themselves. What’s most impressive about the Larry David project is that it never repeats itself despite having been on the air for 2 decades. The comical moments keep coming too, giving fans no opportunity to catch a breath.
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